Chinese Cuisines

There are many cuisines styles of Chinese food. The most influential, representative and socially acknowledged are Lu, Chuan, Yue, Min, Su, Zhe, Xiang and Hui cuisines, often noted as the "Eight Major Cuisines".

A cuisine cannot exist without its long history and unique cooking. It is influenced by the natural geography, climate, products, resources, and eating habits. Someone one said Su and Zhe Cuisines are like the elegant beauties of the south; Lu and Wan Cuisines are like the strong earthy men of the north; Yu and Min are like romantic gentlemen; Chuan and Yue cuisines are like elites rich of talents.
  • Eight Major Cuisines in China

Shandong Cuisine

Genre: composed by the local dish style of Jinan and Jiaodong.

Characteristics: thick taste, prefers scallion and garlic. Special in cooking seafood, soup with meat inside.

Famous dish: Fried Shrimp, Fried Conch, Sweet and Crispy Carp.

Sichuan Cuisine

Genre: divided into Chengdu and Chongqing genre.

Characteristics: famous for rich, broad, thick and deep taste.

Famous dish: Kung Bo Chicken, Top Class Bare Palm, Fish Flavor Pork Shreds, Dry Fried Shark's Fin, Fried Spicy Crabs.

Jiangsu Cuisine

Genre: developed from Yangzhou, Suzhou and Nanjing local dishes.

Characteristics: well known for braising, stewing and roasting. Pay attention to soup and savour the original sauce.

Famous dish: Dried Tofu Shreds Boiled in Chicken Broth, Crystal Hoofs, Braised Crab Meat Balls.

Zhejiang Cuisine

Genre: composed by Hangzhou, Ningbo and Shaoxing local dishes. And the most famous one is Hangzhou dish.

Characteristics: Fresh, tender, soft, smooth, fragrant and not greasy.

Famous dish: Dragon Well Shelled Shrimps, Beggar's Chicken, West Lake Vinegar Fish.

Canton Cuisine

Genre: Divided into 3 sub genres, Guangzhou, Chaozhou and Dongjiang dishes, represented by the Guangzhou dish.

Characteristics: Outstanding sautéing, deep frying, braising, boiling. Taste is featured by clearness, lightness, crispiness and freshness.

Famous dish: Gathering of Dragon, Tiger and Phoenix. Roast Suckling Pig, Winter Melon Cup and Sweet and Sour Pork.

Hunan Cuisine

Genre: Pay attention to the various kinds of spices: fragrant, numbing, regular, burning numb and fresh. And the most popular taste is sour and spicy.

Famous dish: Rock Sugar with Lotus, Braised Shark's Fin.

Fujian Cuisine

Genre: Developed from Fuzhou, Quanzhou and Xiamen dishes. Represented by the Fuzhou dish.

Characteristics: Seafood is the main ingredient. Pay attention to sweetness, sourness, saltiness and fragrance. Beautiful color combines with delicious taste.

Famous dish: Snowflake Chicken, Jiaji Fish in Orange Sauce, Taiji Shrimps and Dry Fried Fish.

Anhui Cuisine

Genre: Made of the local cuisines of southern Anhui and Huai River range. Represented by the southern Anhui dish.

Characteristics: Ham is often the main ingredient and accompanies rock sugar. Famous for roasting and braising. Focus on heat control.

Famous dish: Gourd Duck, Fuliji Roast Chicken.

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