Zhaoxing Dong Villages Travel Guide, Guizhou



72km south of Liping, Zhaoxing Dong village is rested in a valley encircled by mountains, where the Zhaoxing River flows through. It's claimed as the largest Dong village in China with an area of 180sqkm, 800 households and 4000 in population.

The village is featured by Dong drum towers, flower bridges and tile-roofed fir houses. Without being popularly disturbed by Chinese tourists, Zhaoxing remains harmonious and pristine Dong life. It's one of the most attractive destinations in Southwest China for travelers seeking to witness living minority cultures.

Zhaoxing Dong village is also the cradle of Dong festivals, songs and dances. The important Dong festivals include Dong New Year, the New Harvest Festival, Sama Festival etc. The best known piece is Dong Grand Song.
Admission fee: Y15.00

Zhaoxing Dong Village
Zhaoxing Dong Village
Zhaoxing Autumn,SE Guizhou
Zhaoxing Dong Village

Getting there and away

From Rongjiang: Rongjiang-->Liping-->Zhaoxing
Rongjiang has buses to Liping every 40minutes, 98km /2.5hrs. then travel from Liping to Zhaoxing, around 2hrs.

From Sanjiang: Sanjiang East bus station has two daily buses to Zhaoxing directly,7:00am & 11:30am, Y23/4.5 hours.


  • Lulu's Home Stay: Tel: 0855-6130112, 13885531585. Y40 dbl, shared facilities.
  • The Culture Hostel (Wenhuazhan Zhaodaisuo): Y20/bed. Tel. 0856-6130005.
  • A Mei's restaurant in the main street. Nice place with fresh and cheap food

Dong architectures and lives / Festivals / Folk art

Around Zhaoxing
  • Tang'an Dong Village

a village under  Zhaoxing of Liping County, 5 km from Zhaoxing and 75 km from Liping. Reached by a stretching mountainside road and nestled in paddy fields and lush greens, it is a village of 700 years' history and honored as the "most primitive DongVillage" in China. There are around 160 households with a population of 800 in the village.

The village gate, the drum tower, the ancient graveyard, the flagging, the old well and water mill, the timber houses...all narrate history and offer a peaceful return to the natural.

Getting there and away

Take a bus past Zhaoxing village along the uphill road, 10minutes to the entrance of Tangan. 1km walk will take you to the 700-year-old Tong'an Dong village.


Only one hostel in the village hugging a beautiful view, but the place are not well cleaned. Tang'an villagers are so very hospitable and some of them offer meals at a negotiable low price [Y10~15/meal].

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