Seasonal Recommendations

Seasonal Recommendations of Trekking in China


  Early Summer

 When Destination Highlights Routes Duration

Tiger Leaping Gorge

A narrow but stunning gorge between Haba Snow Mt. and the steep backside of Jade Dragon Mountain. The hiking trail runs along the base of Haba Peak providing spectacular views when you make the difficult yet amazing walk in one of the world most beautiful gorge...more about the Gorge and Trekking...



spectacular landscapes of Jinsha River valley

Tiger Leaping Gorge-
3~6 days

Kawa Karpo & Yubeng

a UNESCO nature reserve located in Deqin County dividing Yunnan from Tibet, a wonderful place to hike and explore both nature and Tibetan culture... more about Kawa Karpo (Meili Snow Mt.)



alpine glaciers, virgin forests, azaleas/flowers

Lijiang-Shangrila-Feilaisi-Yubeng Village 6~8 days


June~August Destination Route
Qinghai lake Qinghai Lake
The largest salt water lake in China, whose beauty lies in its salty vastness and the remote peace that it instills. Highlights of the lake include the Bird Island, a peninsular in the westernmost part of the lake and the most impressive sight, especially in season ...more about Qinghai Lake
Xining - Qinghai -Golmud - Nam-Tso - Lhasa - Tsedang - Namchak Bawa - Yarlong Tsangpo Grand Canyon - Ranwu - Bangda - Litang - Kangding - Chengdu
Labrang-monatery, Xiahe,Gannan

a tiny, bustling town nestles in a mountain valley in southwest Gansu.It is not just the amazing sights of the Labrang Monastery and the Sangke Grassland that will enamour you with Xiahe, but also the vibrant atmosphere. The town is also a thoroughfare for inbound pilgrims from Qinghai and Tibet...more about Xiahe

Chengdu - Maerkang - Hongyuan - Zoige - Langmusi - Xiahe - Lanzhou - Wuwei - Zhangye - Jiayuguan - Dunhuang
Potala palace, Lhasa, Tibet

As "the Rooftop of the World", "the 3rd Pole of the Earth" and "the Kingdom of Budhhist", Tibet is undoubtedly a mysterious land to the world. The mystic and exotic civilization, holy religious culture and soul-shocked snowy landscape attracts numerous tourists and backpackers. While its disputable liberation and Dalai Lama's exile adds a legendary color to the land..more in Tibet

Lhasa - Shigatse - Lhatse - Mt. Everest - Mt. Kailash & Lake Manasarovar - Zhada Clay Forest & Guge Ruins - Gar(Shiquanhe) 


Sept.~Nov. Destination Route

Kanas Lake, Xinjiang

Kanas Lake
Nestled in the deep forests and snow-capped Altay Range in Xinjiang, the long bean-shaped lake is famous for its changing colors and the shining autumn around. Legend of the "Kanas Monster" also adds another air of mystery to the lake...more about Kanas Lake
Urumqi - Bu'erjin - Kanas Lake - Bu'erjin - Urho Ghost City - Karamay - Urumqi


Located in the southwest of Sichuan, Yading, the "Shangri-La" discovered by Joseph Rock, is renowned for the 3 holy peaks and rolling landscapes. It is Tibetan's holy land, one of China's most awe-inspiring nature reserves and a paradise for photographers and trekkers...more in Daocheng & Yading

Chengdu - Rilong(Siguniang Shan) -Danba - Xinduqiao - Litang - Daocheng -Yading - Daocheng - Zhongdian -Deqin (Meili Snow Mt.) - Lijiang - Kunming

Miancimu & 5-Crown Peaks,Meili,Yunnan

Meili Snow Mt. (Kawa Karpo)
Consisting of 13 snow-clad peaks over 6000m above sea level in Northwest Yunnan, the Meili Snow Range offers splendid view of glaciers, vegetations, alpine lakes as well as great  opportunities to hike and explore both nature and Tibetan culture. It's one of the most sacred mountains of Tibetan Buddhism....more about Meili Snow Mt.



Dec.~Feb. Destination Route
Dragon's Backbone Rice Terrace Sunrise, Longsheng, Guangxi

Dragon's Backbone Rice Terrace
The 66sqkm rice terrace located in Ping'an and Jinkeng of Longsheng in northeast Guangxi, first built in the Yuan dynasty and completed in the Qing dynasty by minority Zhuang people,spans an altitude from 300m to 1100m. Stunning minority Yao & Zhuang villages scattered along the slopes...

Kaili to Yangshuo
Nujiang Gorge,Yunnan

Nujiang Gorge
Lying in a narrow strip of land bordering Myanmar, sandwiched by Gaoligong and Biluo Mountain ranges, the gorge runs through one of China's remotest areas, which is rich in ethnic minority cultures. With awe-inspiring scenery of steep cliffs, onrushing rivers and waterfalls, it's the first choice for those adventure-hunting domestic and foreign travelers now..More about Nujiang Gorge

Kunming -Liuku-
Luoping Rapeseeds Flowers

Located in the underdeveloped eastern part of Yunnan, dominated by karst features. Early spring, the blossoming rapeseed flowers draws flocks of tourists and photographers. Sprawling farmland covered in golden rape stretches right up to the horizon, forming a sea of yellow buds and filling the air with the refreshing smell of spring.

Kunming <-> Luoping
Yuanyang Rice Terrace in fog
Renowned for its rice terrace crafted out by bare hands of the Hani minoriy people 1000 years ago.It's a self sustaining ecosystem. Only one harvest in a year, planting is from March to Oct/Nov. The Hani people have repeated this for more than a thousand years. From winter to early spring, the empty terrace is irrigated with water from the forest above.   More
Kunming<-> Jianshui<-> Yuanyang



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