Miyaluo Travel Guide, Sichuan


Situated 263km northwest to Chengdu, Miyaluo is a scenic area known for its seasonal richly colorful leaves all over the wild. While a traverse from Bipengou [毕棚沟] to Siguniang [四姑娘山] is favored by a small portion of Chinese outdoor enthusiasts in recent years.Miyaluo

Snowy Mountains /colorful autumn charm / Bubbling hot springs / Tibetan & Qiang ethnic minority cultures

When to go?-- mid Oct. ~ early Nov.

How long? 2 days

Get in & out
From Maerkang - daily buses departing at 7:00am/9:30am, get off at Miyaluo town [Y23 / 2hrs]

From Chengdu: daily buses from Chadianzi Station.

For moving on, south to Taoping Qiang village / Chengdu, bus at 8:00am. North to Maerkang / Zoige.

** Check bus timetable in hotel

Gesang Hotel [格桑宾馆] -right at the bus stop, Y40/std. rm, 24hrs hot water. Convenient for eating and traffic.

Chengdu Xiaochi [成都小吃店] - at the bus stop, facing the abovementioned Gesang Hotel. It has the best flavor and the price can't be cheaper. Very busy at dinner time.

Roadside bunchy barbecue is also amazing


  • Miyaluo village /米亚罗村 - 6km away from the town. The only road was badly destroyed by the power station construction. Hard walk but the view and atmosphere in the end is worthy.
  • Bajiaodiao Tibetan village/八角碉藏寨 - 15 minutes walk distance to the south, not so much to see but a glance. Raggedy Kids may ask for money at the entrance, just ignore them
Bipengou /毕棚沟
  • A vast ecotourism resort, air pollution index is ZERO. But due to the traffic inconvenience caused by language barrier, few oversea independent backpackers make their way there, despite the incredible charm inside.
  • In the resort - virgin forest / plateau lakes / glaciers / stream & waterfall / swamp meadow / colored forest / canyon hot spring. Still large mystical areas to be explored.
  • One-day expedition is the popular way for most travelers. It can’t facilitate you to a long distance but the beauty is enough to shine your eyes and shock your soul. You can either ride or trek to further inside after arriving at the service area. The driver will wait for you there about 4 hours. The whole tour is usually from 7:00am to 5:00pm.

    How to get there - no public traffic, but 6-seat mini buses available at roadside of Miyaluo town, youcan share with other travelers. Around Y300/day, Miyaluo–Bipenggou -Taoping Qiang Village [south], or Miyaluo-Bipengou-Miyaluo if you head for the north.

    Admission fee:Y60, no bargain

Bipenggou, Miyaluo,SichuanLakes in BipenggouMoon Bend, Bipenggou,Miyaluo,Sichuan

Tips & Reminders

  • Be prepared for the temperature change in the morning / evening.
  • Bipengou is freezing in the early morning, put enough warm clothes on.
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