Zoige (Ruo'ergai) Travel Guide,Sichuan



Zoige is a dusty and small Tibetan town surrounded by grasslands, an obligatory stopover on the way from northwest Sichuan to southern Gansu. Zoige is also the north gateway of Sichuan to its north-bordered provinces.


Grassland (meadow & swamp) / Monastery / the 1st bend of Yellow River / Flower Lake

Map of Zoige

When to go?

How long?
5 minutes if possible, you can catch a bus to Tangke or Langmusi right after arrival.

But 2 nights is reasonable for the sights around. Zoige town maybe the best choice among the worst within the vicinity in consideration of traffic convenience to either north or south.

Getting In & Out

Chengdu / Maerkang / Songpan / Langmusi have direct buses to Zoige, depends on where your are from. Departure usually at 6:00~7:30am, the journey takes 6~12hrs.

Moving on, the western and also the main Zoige Bus Station has services to all destinations, while the southeastern station only has bus to Songpan. Usually trevelers leave Zoige for Maerkang / Chengdu / Songpan / Langmusi .

Don't expect that much in this uncultured town. No need reservation, just walk out of the bus station to the street, look over and bargain.

Hostel: Y15~20/bed, no hot water shower, shared Chinese toilet.There are 2 recommended by friends

Xiangbala Hotel :0837-2291666
Tibetan Sunshine Hotel (Dazangyangguang Jiudian):0837-2292999, Y180/Std. Rm, 3-star, clean & nice facilties, the best in town.

Take your adventure with low expectation. Vege. is expensive coz they are brought in from other lower places.

Sights & Activities

  • Visit the 338-year-old Dazhasi Monastery in the east end of the town, 500m from the Zoige Hotel
  • Take a Zoige to Maerkang bus and get off at Tangke, to witness the first bend of Yellow River at 61km west of Zoige, a landscape of wild flowers, vast meadows, winding river and sacred monastery.
  • Stay overnight at the fabulous Tibetan monastery Suokezang, which faces exactly the first bend of Yellow River, to admire the grand sunrise and sunset over there. If you head for south part of Sichuan, you can take a bus at Dangke without returning to Zoige city.
  • Take a Zoige to Langmusi bus and get off at Huahu (Flower Lake) to have a glance at the picturesque water area surrounded by grassland and wild flowers [Admission fee: Y48] Ride a husky horse to gallop over the meadow, but make sure your ribs and buns are still there when getting off
  • Have a big drink in the grassland, then double count whether you have 11 fingers...

Tips & Reminders

  • Prepare a respirator or some wet napkins to screen the flying dust on the road. Bargain the entrance fee if you don’t need a ticket, usually 50%off. Nobody will check when you are inside.
  • Electricity failure happens frequently in Zoige, make sure your flashlight can be reached easily.
  • Sharp temperature difference between morning and evening, check your clothes / medicine / suntan
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