Yangpachen (Yambajan) Travel Guide, Nakchu,Tibet



Located 87km northwest of Lhasa, Yangpachen is famous for its spectacular phenomenon of hot springs boiling on the cold plateau, features all kinds of hot springs including highest-temperature hot springs, boiling springs and geysers as well as common hot springs.

The early morning in Yangpachen is very attactive,with the hydrothermal fields suffused with white haze and the lake surface covered with heavy steam agglomerations.If you are lucky enough, you may have a chance to witness the fantastic and splendid scene: the boiling water is erupting to the sky from the mouth of hot spring.

The hot spring in Yangpachen contains high content of sulfureted hydrogen which is therapeutic to chronic diseases.


At the Long-distance Bus Station in Lhasa, many regular buses available to Yangpachen. At the transport station in Yambajan or at the roadside of Qinhai-Tibet Highway, it is easy to get a lift or get on a scheduled bus.

The swimming pool for hot-spring bathing is about 8km away from the Highway, but there is no taxi, you may have to go on foot or by bus. You can also rent a car on the way back from Lake Namtso to Yangpachen, bargain hard.


Though a stay is not recommended, in case you have to, there are some options.

  • Yambajan Power Plant Guesthouse - Y25- 30/bed.
  • Yambajan Army Station - ordinary 4-bed rooms for Y25
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