Meili Snow Mt.

Meili Snow Mt.(Kawa Karpo) Travel Guide,Yunnan



Meili Snow Mountain (Meili Xueshan), also called Kawakarpo, is a UNESCO nature site located in Deqin County dividing Yunnan from Tibet, a wonderful place to hike and explore both nature and Tibetan culture.

Rising between the Salween River and the Mekong River  in the extreme edge of Northwest Yunnan, the Meili Snow Mt. region is part of Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas.

Legend says that the Meili Snow Mountain is a god guarding Tibetan Buddhism. With 13 peaks over 6000m in the range, the main peak Kawakarpo ("Kawagebo" in Chinese) is a sharp snow mountain with an altitude of 6740m,which has never been conquered yet.

Trekking Route & Maps

Pilgrim to Meili Snow Mountains, Meili Snow Mt. Trekking Maps, Kawa karpo Full Circuit Route Map

Best times to visit

Sept. ~ early Nov. ,when the region is covered with marvelous autumn colors.


Spectacular view of the holy peaks,Yubeng Trekking

Meili Snow Mt. Sunrise  
Miancimu & 5-Crown Peaks,Meili,Yunnan
Feilaisi,Meili Snow Mt., Diqing,Yunnan


  • The Panorama of Meili Snow Range - Yingbintai is the best point to overlook the range. Besides the Kawa Karpo, the more beautiful peak to the south is the 6054m high Miancimu. Sunrise at Meili Mt. shouldn't be missed.

  • The Kawa Karpo (6740M) - the highest peak of Meili, is one of the most sacred mountains of Tibetan Buddhism.

    Local pilgrims circumambulate Kawa Karpo every year. A Kora in the Year of Sheep (once every 12 years) is a special fortune-hunting pilgrimage for Tibetans.

  • Yubeng Village - a stunningly beautiful and isolated village  located at the foot of Meili Snow Mountain, which has nearly 200 Tibetan families live around. The village is surrounded by majestic snow peaks,the main attractions are the Icelake, the Holy waterfall.

    Though accessible only by foot or mule, the village has become a popular trekking destination for backpackers. Polyandry custom still remains in Yubeng village.

  • Mingyong Glacier - the southernmost modern glacier in China. Originating from Kawa Karpo and dropping to an elevation of 2650m off the east face of Kawa Karpo.12km in length. Crystal-clear and sparkling, the ice makes its way very slowly from high on the peak down to the Mingyongcun Forest at 2,700 meters. It is considered to be the world's finest monsoon glacier and remarkable for its descent to such a low altitude.

  • Sacred Waterfall in Yubeng - formed by the snow melting from Kawa Karpo, represents the compassionate tears of Buddha, flowing over a granite cliff just below one of many glaciers.

Getting there & away

Take daily buses running between Shangri-La(Zhongdian) and Deqin(Y38 / 4hrs), then jump onto a minibus from Deqin county to Feilaisi or Mingyong Glacier to start the Meili trekking route.

Getting Around

Collective Minibuses or mule. Xidang is the last point where vehicles can arrive. For trekking, you need to hire a mule at the Ticket Office, prices vary per distance and path conditions(uphill or downhill), all listed in a tariff on the wall. open and fair.


  • Feilaisi
    Deqin County Hotel - Y20~ Y40
    Feilai Temple: Y20/bed.
    Meili Shanzhuang: Y140/Std.dbl rm, Y20/dorm, with hot shower outside the room. Tel: 13988717636 / 13988740590.
  • Mingyong Glacier
    Comfortable hotels can be easily found in Mingyong Village. Prices ranging Y20-Y30/bed and Y80-Y200/dbl rm
  • Xidang
    Wenquan Lodge: Y20 per bed, clean, no electricity, wonderful hot springs for shower. Restaurant available.
  • Yubeng
    Shenpu Lodge (Mystic Waterfall Hotel)- Tel:0887-8411082. Located at the end of the Lower Yubeng, on the way to Yubeng Sacred Fall. Y20/bed. The restaurant offers average food. Aqinbu and his brothers provide excellent guide services and horses.

    The Hiker's Home - located between the upper and lower Yubeng village. Tel: 08878411173 / 13988705799. Hot water is available. Y20/bed

Tips & Reminders

Photo-taking - the best locations to take photos are Feilai Temple west of Deqin, Taizi Temple on Ming Yongbingchuan.

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