Buses Jiuxiang-Dongchuan-Yuanmou

Hi All,

Several weeks ago, I posted a question about Dongchuan.  Now I would like to sightsee Yuanmou Soil Forest in Chuxiong County and I need to change my plan a little.

I have 4 days (a part of my trip to Yunnan) and start from Kunming. I would like to do a round trip Kunming-Jiuxiang-Dongchuan-Yuanmou-Kunming. I think there are buses connecting those locations, but don't know if they match my below plan:
D1: Kunming-Jiuxiang. Sightsee Jiuxiang cave (3 hours). Back to Kunming.
D2: Kunming-Dongchuan. Afternoon sightsee Red Earth.
D3: Morning sightsee Red Earth. Afternoon transfer to Yuanmou.
D4: Sightsee Yuanmou. Afternoon back to Kunming.

Can anyone help to comment on my plan in terms of sightseeing time, bus route, accomodation...
The most important thing to me now is the time of the last buses from Jiuxiang to Kunming, Dongchuan to Yuanmou and Yuanmou to Kunming.

Thank you for any assistance  .

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