Get a map for hiking in China


I am going to Sichuan this summer and I am hoping to do some not so strenuous hiking north of Dujianyan, e.g. Yinchanggou and Huilonggou areas. I am from the UK where we have Ordnance Survey maps which are pretty detailed showing roads, paths contours etc which are excellent to use hiking around the UK with. I was wondering if there is anything equivalent for China, and if so, where could I find it. For example I would like to climb up at least part of Jiufeng Shan (enter 31 33.2215' N, 103 50.3786 E into google earth), but I don't know which side is best to approach it from etc. I would be less willing to try any hiking off the beaten path if I didn't have any maps.

Thanks very much for your help




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