Hostel in Dongchuan, Yunnan - Please help me :)

Hello Everyone,

I really love to visit Dongchuan which is recommended at

However, as I know very little of Mandarin (can only speak some simple words, cannot read or write), it's quite difficult for me to find more information in Chinese about this region.

I am now wondering the followings:

1.  The name of Huagou is  花沟, is it right?

2.  I love to stay at Chundong Lushe (Spring & Winter Hostel), but don't know the name in Chinese and its address.  Can anyone kindly help me with this?  Or suggest any hostel for me (with the name and address in Chinese so that I can show it to the taxi driver) ?  I really don't want to spend several hours wandering around and looking for a hostel there without any address. 

Thank you very much for your help.  Look forward to hear any info from you.



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