Travel plan for a 2 weeks trip in Yunnan/Guizhou/Guangxi

First of all I want to thank you all for the magnificent job you are doing with this very useful website.

Thanks to your website, other internet sites and the Rough Guide for Southern China I worked out this itinerary, from 16th april to 3rd may
- flight from Italy to Hong Kong
- flight from Hong Kong to Kunming
- Yuanyang rice fields and Hani People and/or Samaba rice fields in Baohua (is it worthy visiting them in april? some says the best period is february/march other february/april)
- Lijiang stone city and Bai, Naxi, Lisu and Pumi people
- Dongchuan red soil fields (flowering period is may? does it make sense to go there in april?)
- Stone Forest
- Luoping? (I know the best period for yellow fields is till mid march. in april it is worthy to go there?)
- Bamei village
- Hairpin bends road near Qinglong (road from kunming to Anshun
- I found it on google Earth but no one talks about it)
- Long Horn Miao (which are the best places to visit them, maybe not too far from the Kunming-Quiyang road in order to save time? if in Lupanshui area may consider also visiting a Mosuo village)
- Matang Gejia village
- Shitouzhai Buyi village and Dixi Opera
- Zhenyuan Miao village
- Taijiang Sisters Meal*
- Leishan Mini-skirts Miao village
- Xijiang Miao village
- Basha Miao village
- Zhaoxing Dong village
- Chengyang bridge
- Longcheng for Longji and Jinkeng rice fields
- Cruise on the Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo
- flight to Hong Kong departing from Guilin or Guiyang (depending when visiting Taijiang Sisters Meal
- flight from Hong Kong to Italy

Any suggestion about things to add and things to take away from this list?
As you can see, my main interest are ethnic minorities and taking photographs.

I don't speak mandarin. Do you think this tour can be completed with public buses or is better to have a private driver/guide to be sure to see all, even though I understand this will be much more expensive?

If someone would like to share the trip and the cost it will be really good.


I posted the new topic in this section because in "Travel Plan" section it doesn't accept it.

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