Conflict between Locals and police in Rilong(Sigunian Shan), Sichuan

As one of the springboards of Siguniang Shan(Four Girls Mountain) hiking, Rilong Town has been favored by worldwide travellers these years. A new road to the town is about to be completed. Since tourism thrives the economy of the town with considepotentials,  local government has been trying to force the locals to move out, so that they can fully control the profit-droven small town.

In the deep night of Jul.3, 2007,  when most of the locals in Rilong town are hitting to beds, a few silent police cars and a bus running from Xiaojin stopped in front of the town sneakily, more than 40 armed police jumped out , crashed into the doors and ordered the locals to get out of their beds, some of them even didn't have time to put on their regular clothes, people with just pants on were droven out of their houses. Suddenly, the silent town was flooded with screams and  cry.

Around 20 minutes later, members of 24 families in Rilong town were taken away by the policemen, because they  "attack the policemen" .

Hikers who are heading for Siguniang Shan via Rilong recently may need to be alert of the tense situation.

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