Minya Konka West Route

Minya Konka (Mt. Gongga / Gongga Shan) Trekking Guide, Sichuan


Destination:  Sichuan

Attraction type:  snow-capped mountains, forests, alpine lakes/meadows, Tibetan temples

Best Season: May~June & Sept.~Oct. , although in rainy  July & August, wild flowers blooming over the mountains and valleys

Access:Chengdu> Kangding > Laoyulin

Starting: Laoyulin

Ending: Shangmuju


Minya Konka (Mt. Gongga / Gongga Shan), located in the east of Tibetan region, with a height of 7556m, is the highest mountain in Sichuan, surrounded by more than 20 jokuls above 5000 meters. , Minya Konka is a sacred mountain for Tibetans.

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D0: Chengdu                        
Arrive in Chengdu

D1: Chengdu-> Kangding-> Laoyulin Village
Take an early morning bus from Chengdu Xinnamen Bus Station (Y112). An 8 hrs' ride will take you to Kangding via Ya'an.

Laoyulin Village, some 10km southeast of Kangding, can be reached by taking a minibus (Y8) or chartering a van(Y30) in about 20 minutes. Horse and guide can be hired here, Y40-50/day for each. The days will be calculated in double for return. Say, if you trek for 3 days, the charge for horse and guide should be 3x2 days.

Overnight in the village.

D2: Laoyulin (3200M) -> Shang Riwuqie (4200M)
You can charter a van from Laoyulin to Washachang(Y60), to where a walk takes 1-2hrs. From Washachang to Shang Rewuqie is about 30km uphill along the Valley. The hardest part is from Xia Riwuqie to Shang Riwuqie camping area.

D3: Shang Riwuqie(4200M)-> Riwuqie Pass(4950M) -> Moxigou Base Camp(3900M) 
Hard day of 6-7 hours trekking. It takes 3 hrs from Shang Riwuqie to the Pass along a very steep uphill path. There is only a 5sqm open ground at the pass, dotted with mani piles and pray flags.

After crossing the pass, the trek becomes easier. Another 3-4hrs downhill walk leads to the Moxigou base camp, which stretches for about 4km along the riverside.

D4: Moxi Gully(3900M)-> Konka Temple(3740M) 
The walk is not so difficult if it doesn't rain, but very long. It sees alluvial lakes, creeks, grasslands, bushes and primeval forests on the path. Before arriving Kongka Temple, there is a fork road, remember to take the left one(the right one leads to Cimei Village). It costs Y30 to enter Konka temple. Camping inside is Y15/head, lodging in the hall is Y20/head. Food service is not available, beverage sells expensively.

D5: Konka Temple(3740M)-> Shangcimei Village(3480M)
Enjoy some leisure time in the morning. Weather permits, one can view the highest peak by taking the northwest path and return to Konka Temple before noon. You can also try to go ahead to reach the base camp. 2 hours trekking to Cimei Village in the afternoon.

Overnight at the villagers' home.

D6: Shangcimei Village(3480M)-> Shangmuju Village(3700M)
It takes 4 hours to walk from Shangcimei Village to Cimei(Tsemi) Pass(4500m). Motorcycle is available for Y60/head. A panorama of the Moxi Valley and the snow peaks will be presented in front of you near the pass.

After crossing over the Pass, go downhill along the river and arrive at Shangmuju Village in 3hrs, where the trekking part ends.

D7: Shangmuju Village(3700M)-> 99KM(location) -> Kangding
Take a Motorcycle or tractor from Shangmuju to 99km along a terrible dirt road(new road in construction), wave for a Kangding-bound bus at 99km. Or, charter a van back to Kangding from Shangmuju (around Y600).

D8: Kangding
Spend at least one day exploring Kangding around. More details available at Kangding

D9: Kangding to Chengdu
Exit from Chengdu.

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