Muli to Yading

Muli to Yading Adventure Trek Route


Location: Southwest of Sichuan  

Attraction type: Diversified landscapes / ethinic minority cultures

Best Season: from June to July, when the mountains are dotted with flowers; September to November, when the autumn colors is intensive.

Access:Chengdu > Xichang > Muli (see details on  Muli)

Starting: Luodou Village of Shuiluo Gongga
Ending: Riwa of Yading


D1 Muli> Luodou Village
Hire a jeep from Muli to Luodou of Shuiluo. Musi Dasi(Big Muli Temple) is worth a stop, where you may overlook the 3 holy peaks of Yading. After visiting the temple, it comes changhai - a volcano lake surrounded by a meadow 5km away. Through Wachang of the Old Muli along the river, turn over Longsha meadow (4090m), you arrive Luodou village in Shuiluo, which is the starting point of the trek.

Though the road to Luodou village is very difficult to walk, it is the nearest place to accommodate. You can lease horses and hire a guide here.

D2 Luodou Village> Dongla Village> Dulu Temple(2700m)
Moving on from Luodou, you go down to the valley along a riverside narrow and steep path, where horses trampled usually. In the canyon, the river winds around the turns and twists rapidly. Beyond Dongla village, the road turns to hillside. An 8 hours walk of 30km take you to Dulu Temple, the destination of the day.

The elevation rising for the  day is around 1000-1500m. Landscape is average, while the Naxi and Tibetan life can be seen on the way.

D3 Dulu Temple > Mancuo(4000m)
Upstream the White River("Baishui He" in Chinese), go through the virgin forest in dim light, along with streams, waterfalls, withered trees and sprouts, singing birds. When reaching the relatively flat valley-bottom, the view is getting broader and Chanadorje sacred peak comes in sight.

D4 Mancuo > Zangbie > Dulu Lake > Zangbie (4200m)
The journey is much easier than crossing the forest on D3. Marching along the south face of Chanadorje, splendid alpine lakes, rivers and meadows are the only things you can see on route. Zangbie is reachable in 5 hours. 3 hours away from Zangbie lies Dulu Lake, where you can camp.

D4 Zangbie> Zabala Pass> Qu'ao Arcuomu(4200m)
Starting from Zangbie, the view is getting more enchanting. This is the first scenic climax of the journey. You can slow down your strides to enjoy the picturesque scenery comprised of Jambeyang and Chanadorje Peaks, small but turquoise alpine lakes, meadows. In summer, azalea scatters over the slopes. In October, yellow and red leaves describes the yet warm autumn here.

After crossing over the 5000m high Zambala Pass, the virgin glacier is now visible. Down from the Pass to Qu'ao Arcuomu under the cliff, which is a typical high mountain  pasture with two stone cowsheds to be used for overnight camping.

D5 Qu'ao Arcuomu> Gari Pasture(4400m)
Today's journey is a bit more dangerous of ploughing through a snow-covered road, but not to its worst.

From Qu'ao Arcuomu to  Gari Pasture in the west of Jambeyang, marching in the canyon between the steep mountains. Turn over the high chine along the rugged way of sinuosity. The ridge is full of Mani Piles.The most exciting place is Black Lake, which is glistening like black pearls while seen in distance. If you make a loud sound, it will soon be cloudy and hail followed. On the two sides are Jambeyang and Chanadorje facing each other. Buddhist pagodas, huge butterfly-shaped rocks and thousands volumes of Dazangjing seen on the way add mystery and reasons for being worshiped.

D6 Gari Pasture> Shehu Pass> Five-colored Sea> Luorong Pasture(3800m)
From Gari Pasture to Luorong Pasture, you have 2 Passes to conquer, exhausted body is rewarded by one joyful surprise after another. This is the 2nd scenic climax of the route.

The 3 sacred mountains lie on the three points of a triangle. Turning over the first pass, Jambeyang and Chanadorje are just under your nose. A little further is the Sher Lake("Shehu" in Chinese) set among the holy peaks, offers undescribable tranquil beauty. Overlook from the Shehu pass of 4800m by Five-Colored Lake, the holy peaks reflects clearly in the Milk Sea.

After walking through Milk Lake("Niunai Hai" in Chinese), you finally reach Luorong Pasture in Yading Reserve. Lodging is not officially allowed here any more, but you can still find some offers under the table.

D7 Luorong Pasture> Chonggu Temple> Riwa> Daocheng
Walking from Luorong Pasture through Chonggu Temple, the amazing view of the 3 peaks will be presented to you in different angles. Chonggu Temple is in the best location for sightseeing and photo-taking. On the way to Longlongba of Yading village, you may see the Yujia Sacred Lake Gyshen-Tso, glaciers on Jambeyang Peak, ice-eroded lakes, Holy Zhuomala-Tso Lake for pilgrims, etc.

From Riwa village, catch a public bus or hire a jeep to Daocheng.

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