China Promises to Make Visa Application Easier for Olympics


Xinhua News, Jan. 26, 2007

China's public security authorities on Thursday promised to improve visa application procedures so foreigners involved in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing will find it easier to enter the country.

"Anyone with valid Olympic Identity and Accreditation Cards (OIAC) will enjoy visa-free entry into China one month before and after the Olympics," said Li Changyou, vice director of the Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration with the Ministry of Public Security.

The OIAC is a personalized card granted by the International Olympic Committee, which gives its holder the right to attend the Olympic Games for participation or in a work capacity. Li said that China had already relaxed some requirements, including the granting of one-year work permits to people coming to work on the Games in the run up to, and during, the Games. "We will further improve relevant procedures according to the Olympic conventions and charter so that we can guarantee a successful Games," Li said.

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