China to Enact New Flight Restrictions on Liquids


 Mar. 21, 2007

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has released new regulations restricting passengers from bringing liquids on planes. 

As of May 1, 2007, each passenger on domestic flights in China will be allowed to carry liquid items of no more than one liter without alcohol, with any excess of liquids subject to being packed in their checked luggage. These liquid items cannot be carried on the plane unless they have been opened at the security checkpoint.

Passengers who transfer from domestic Chinese flights to international and regional flights will be restricted to 100 milliliters. For both domestic and international flights, all liquids must be placed in a transparent plastic bag no larger than one liter. This plastic bag must be screened separately from other carryon items.

If overseas passengers want to transfer from domestic to international and regional flights, they must comply with the above rules. Moreover, their tax-free goods must be put in a transparent plastic bag, and they will be required to show a receipt for the purchase.

The regulation also states that passengers on a plane under the jurisdiction of the CAAC are prohibited from bringing alcohol in their carryon bag, but it is permissible to pack it in their checked luggage.

Any quantity of liquid food for infants as well as necessary liquid medicine for diabetics or other patients is permitted in a carryon bag after it has been through the required security checks.

The CAAC will ensure that every airport and airline maintains an adequate supply of water to meet the needs of passengers.

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