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Nestled in the Village of Ran around the southwest corner of Baxoi of Chamdo prefecture, 90km from the Baima Town(neighboring the Nyingchi Prefecture), Ranwu, also Ranwok, is a tiny town known for the crystal-clear and tranquil Ranwu Lake, the largest in southeast of Tibet.

The Ranwu lake, 3,800m above the sea level, has a water area of 22sqkm. The 2 main parts of turquoise water linked by a small stream. It is the main supply of Palong Tsangpo, a branch of The Yarlong Tsangpo River.Ranwu Lake,Chamdo,Tibet

The Ranwu Lake is surrounded by the Gangrigabu Mt. in the southwest, the Azhagongla Glacier in the south and the Bosula Peak in the northeast, with the famous Lagu glacier extending to the lake from the north. The melted snow and ice supply the lake and rivers such as Yalu Tsangpo. At the foot of the surrounding peaks,there are the verdant grasslands and plants in harmony with the blue lake and snowy mountains.

Villages on both of its shores are slightly different from the typical Tibetan houses in other places by no decorations or paintings on doors and windows. The houses are smaller and compacter to maintain warm in the severer winter. Furthermore the short/smaller structure allows heat to be maintained within more effectively. As a result of the short structure, the villagers keep their livestock outside the house as opposed to underneath it, as is the norm elsewhere.

Geting there & away

Ranwu, situated by National Highway 318 frequented by passing through buses, is the starting point of Ranwok-Chayu road, 127km to Bomi and 90km to Baxoi County, it is easy to take a ride at west Zhamu town of Bomi or at east Baima town of Baxoi to get there.
Ranwok Lake,Tibet
For leaving, though there is no transport originating from the town-all of them are passing-through,the most frequent transport are buses and trucks that head towards Chamdo, passing Ranwok on the way.


Pingan Hostel 平安旅社 - Y60/dbl-bed rm
Post Hostel 邮政招待所 - Y20/bed

There are a few Sichuan restaurants there. If you don't like spicy food, you can ask the cook to make it less or not spicy. But as it is a remote town, the food is a little expensive.

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