Tibet Essentials


Claimed to be “the Rooftop of the World”, “the 3rd Pole of the Earth“ and “the Kingdom of Buddhist”, Tibet Autonomous Region(TAR) is undoubtedly a mysterious land to the world.

The mystic and exotic Tibetan civilization, holy religious culture and soul-shocked snowy landscape attracts numerous tourists and backpackers to make their expeditions here. While its disputable liberation and Dalai Lama’s exile presents a legendary veil to the land.

Tibet, a place can’t be missed yet hard to reach, is worth an adventure to fulfill a lifetime dream. It has become a virtual paradise for mountaineers and explorers.

Best time to go

May ~ Oct., July ~ August for the north, May, June & Sept for the east and south.

Fast Facts

Official Name: Xizang Zizhiqu

Short form: Xizang

Int'l long form: Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR)

Int'l short form: Tibet

Location: Southwest border of China

Capital City: Lhasa

Borders: north to Xinjiang & Qinghai, east to Sichuan, southeast to Yunnan internally, while externally, south and west to Burma, India, Bhutan, Sikkim and Nepal.

Elevation: 4000m above sea level in avg.

Terrain: high mountains [50 peaks above 7,000m], plateaus lakes, rivers

Area: 1.22 million sqkm, 12.8 % of the whole China

Climate : High-altitude desert plateau with thin air, low pressure, intense sunlight, high clarity and strong solar radiation.

Dry season lasts from Oct. till April next year. Rainy from May to Sept. Temperature extremes from -16oC in winter and 29oC in summer, with dramatic drops at summer night.

Population: 2.7 million, 95% Tibetan, 30 other nationalities such as Han, Menba, Luoba, Hui, Mouggul, Naxi, Sharba, the unidentified Cheng and Sharba, etc..

Religions: Tibetan Buddhism, Animism.

Wedding, Funeral

: Tibetan, Chinese.

Festivals: Tibetan New Year, Shoton Festival, Bathing Festival.

Currency: Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY)

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