Wuerhe Ghost City

Wuerhe Ghost City Travel Guide, Xinjiang



Northwest of the Junggar Basin is the Wuerhe (also "Urho") region, where there is a unique wind-eroded geological feature  

Wuerho Ghost City
Urho Ghost City
Urho Wind City,Xinjiang
Wuerhe Wind-erosed City
Xinjiang Wuerhe Ghost City
commonly referred to as "wind city" because of the frequently howling winds. Due to its eeriness, it is also commonly referred to as "Ghost City". At night, strong wind blowing, sand flying and stones rolling, make frightful and dreaded sounds. The native Mongolian people call it "Sulumuhak," while the local Kazakh people name it "Shytirkrsi," and both names have the same meaning - Ghost Castle.

The Wuerhe Ghost City, also known as the "Wuerhe Wind City", is located 100km northeast of Karamay City, against the Halahlat Mountain, covering an area of about 30sqkm. Geologically it  belongs'to the Permian period. The city is in the shape of ahorse shoe and there is only one through path. The weathered rocks are in various forms and shapes,such as the towering stone mushrooms, stone bamboo shoots, stone pavilions, stone columns, wide streets, narrow lanes and caves cutting down to the rocks, lively shape of birds, animals, fishes and human bodies, which really spark one's imagination.

Highlight: sunset,sunrise

Best Time to go - August~September

Getting there and away

At least 4 direct buses from Urumqi to Karamay everyday, departing from 10am till 8pm. The journey takes about 10 hours. Special Toursit buses run between Karamay City and Urho Ghost Castle at reasonale frequency daily.

The Urumqi-Habahe Bus also passes through Wuerhe between 11am-12am every day, but the ideal route is Urumqi-Bu'erjin-Kanas Lake(3 days Trek)-Bu'erjin-Wu'erhe. It takes around 4hrs from Bu'erjin to Wu'erhe. 

The Ghost City is still 70km away from the Wuerhe Town, which can be arrived via a collective van or tourist bus within 1.5 hours. 


On the right side of the Wuerhe bus station,  a small Binguan(guesthouse) offers dorm bed  for Y15-20/person, with hot water shower in a shared bathroom on the 3rd floor. Very clean.

Moyafengqing Shanzhuang/魔雅风情山庄 - the best hotel in Wuerhe town, a std. twin-bed room costs Y80-100, with attached bathroom and hot water shower.

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