Search Continues for Lonely Planet Travel Writer


The search continues for Andrew Clem Lindenmayer, the 47-year-old Lonely Planet freelancer missing early last month while hiking around Minya Konka in southwest China's Sichuan Province. 

According to the indications collected in the past few weeks, it's very positive that Clem started hiking from Laoyulin on May 3 and took the harsher and less travelled Riwuqie track, where there was a heavy snow during that time. En route, he was seen trekking southwards from Laoyulin to Minya Konka by 2 Chinese trekkers with a guide who were heading from Panpan Shan towards Laoyulin at around 11am, May 4. Then a local teenager girl at Xia Riwuqie met him and asked if he needed her horse. Later, a few local aweto diggers saw him walking nearby the Buchula Pass in between the river and the path of Shang Riwuqie, where there is a small lake to the left...

Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree discussion is still active with some more websites offering help in putting up new search appeals in their forums.

Regarding the new offer of a reward for vital information leading to find Clem, one of Clem's family members announced in the LP TT forum on June 18 that "In total the reward being offered for information leading to finding Clem is now $US2100 or 16,000RMB..."

To ensure the last positive sighting of Clem in Shang Riwuqie and the award of US$2100 is communicated clearly and widely to people around the Minya Konka area, has summarized the indications collected in the past few weeks and rearranged an updated Chinese version publishing in a few most active travel forums, appealing to all outdoor enthusiasts to notify any guide or local they know. Hope it can attract more attention and gather further effort in the continous search of Clem.

Below are the Chinese forums the new post published in:

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