Trails Blocked in Yading, Daocheng


May 12, 2007

Resulted by a serious conflict between Yading construction contractor and some horsemen,  Daocheng Tourism Bureau made an important announcement on May 11, 2007, which states that, for the infrastructure construction project and environment-protection purpose in Yading Nature Reserve, the path from Chonggu Lodge to Luorong Pasture will be blocked from May 15,2007 on.

Also, the trekking routes between Yading to Lugu Lake and the Kasi Valley Scenic Zone will be closed. The reopenning date was not specified. While the path from Longtongba to Chonggu Lodge, Chonggu Lodge to Zhenzhu Hai (Pearl Sea) will remain open to travellers.

The Yading entrance fee will be adjusted from Y128 to Y80 from May 15, 2007 accordingly. Web Link: Yading trekking guide

Below are signboard with the aforementioned content put up on the way for travellers' info. 

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