Ethnic Minority Festivals

China's Ethnic Minority Festivals

Southeast Guizhou Ethnic Minority Festivals:

Date(Lunar Calendar) Festival Ethnic Minority Location 2007 Solar Calendar Date Content
4-15th day of 1st mth Genjin Buyi Zhenning,Huangguoshu Feb.22~Mar.4 Performance / Courting / Play music instrument Suona
9th day of 1st mth Tiaochang Miao Tongmuling, Guiyang Huaxi Feb.26 Lusheng Dance
11-15th day of 1st mth Lusheng Festival Miao Zhouxi,Kaili Feb.28~Mar.4 Lusheng Dance/Antiphonal singing / Bullfight
15th day of 1st mth Dixijie(Local Opera Festival) Buyi Dazhai of Guiyang Huaxi Mar.4 Local opera,Lantern Festival
16-18th day of 1st mth Lusheng Festival Miao Lusheng Hall, Zhouxi Village, Kaili Mar.5~7 Lusheng Dance, Bullfight, Beat wooden drum, Horse-racing
mid. of 2nd mth (date varies each year) Fangujie(Turn the Drum) Miao Qinglang Villages,Qingman,Kaili between Mar.28~Apr.7 Beat wooden/bronze drum, Blow Lusheng
3rd day of 3rd mth Sanyuesan Dong Baojing of Zhenyuan County Apr.19 Lusheng Dance, Antiphonal Singing, Love
15-16th day of 3rd mth Sister's Meal Festival Miao Taijiang,Shidong May 1~2 Taste Sister's meal / Beat Drum / Lusheng dance
19-21th day of 3rd mth Lusheng Festival Miao Panghai of Kaili May 5~7 Lusheng Dance,bullfight, horse-racing
8th day of 4th mth Siyueba Miao Guiyang,Huangping,Songtao May 24 Lusheng Dance, Antiphonal Singing
5th day of 5th mth Bragon Boat Festival Miao/Dong Zhengyuan Jun. 19 Boat Race, Duck-fighting,Local market
6th day of 6th mth Liuyueliu Buyi Huaxi,Guiyang Jul.19 Songfest, Play bamboo Leaves
6th day of 6th mth Caigetang Miao Jinpu of Zhenyuan Jul.19 Songfest, Antiphonal Singing (Gangehui )
Mid. 6th mth Paomajie(Horse-racing) Miao Guading of Kaili Between Jul.23~Aug.2 Antiphonal Singing, Horse-racing
6th mth (date varies each year) Chixin Jie( New Rice) Miao Panghai Village,Kaili Between Jul.14~Aug.2 Taste New Rice/ Celebrate Harvest
19th day of 6th mth Papo Jie(Climb Mt.) Miao Xianglushan,Kaili Aug.1 Lusheng dance, Songfest, Horse Race
21th day of 6th mth Chabai Song Festival Buyi Chabai,Xingyi Aug.3 Songfest, folk dance, courting, play yu-kin
13th day of 7th mth Qiyueban Miao Outskirt of Kaili Aug.25 Lusheng Dance / Bullfight/ Horse-racing
7th mth(date varies each year) Qiyueban(New Rice Tasting) Miao Zhouxi & Qingman in Kaili Between Aug.13~26 Taste New Rice/Gathering
21th day of 7th mth Lusheng Festival Miao Panghai in Kaili Sept.2 Blow Lusheng, Horse-racing, Antiphonal singing
9th day of 9th mth Chongyangjie(Jiuyuejiu) Miao Qingman in Kaili Oct.19 Lusheng Dance / Bullfight / Horse-racing
1st day of 10th mth Miao New Year Miao Zhouxi,Guading in Kaili, Leishan Nov.10 Lusheng Dance / Bullfight / Horse-racing/ Beat Drum
10th mth (date varies each year) Duan Jie Shui Sandu, Dushan,Duyun Between Nov.10~30 Worship ancestors,Horse-racing

Yunnan Ethinc Minority Festivals: 

Festival Ethnic Group Location Date(Lunar Calendar) 2007 Solar Calendar Date Activities
Flower Hill Miao Mengzi,
3rd day of 1st mth  Feb.20 Antiphonal singing, Reed flute dance, climbing pole
3rd Month Fair Bai Dali 15-21th day of 3rd mth  May 1~7 Performance, all kinds of local products
Munao Zonggs Jingpo Longchuan,
15-16th day  of 1st mth  Mar.4~5 Singing & dancing, rice wine drinking, etc.
Raosanling Bai Dali 13-15th day of 4th mth  May 29~31 Mainly singing & dancing in accompaniment of excursion
Sword Pole Lisu Tengchong,
8-9th day of 2nd mth  Mar.26~27 Dancing on fire & climbing sword ladders
Water Splashing Dai Xishuangbanna,
Late 6th - early 7th mth of Dai calendar  Aroud Apr.14~16 Dragon boat races, water sprinkling, fly Kongming Lamps
Sanduo Naxi Lijiang 8th day of 2nd mth  Mar.26 Lili dance, horse race, picnic
Panwang Yao Mengla,
29th day of 5th mth  Jul.13 Worshipping ancestors ceremony, singing &dance
Flower Sticking Yi&Lahu Datao, Shuangjiang 8th day of 2nd mth  Mar.26 Picking flowers & sticking, Left-foot dance
Flower Festival Lisu Gongshan 15th day of 3rd mth May 1 Pray for a harvest year and a peaceful life
Torch Yi&Bai Lunan,Dali, Chuxiong 24th day of 6th mth  Aug.6 Torch sparks sprinkling, lighting up fire gate, face painting,etc.

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