Guilin-Ziyuan-Sanjiang Tour


Location: Guangxi

Attraction Type: Karst scenery, enthnic minority culture

Best time to go: May to Oct.

Combining some of China's most beautiful and mysterious landscapes with the secluded hill villages of the Dong, Yao, Zhuang and Miao ethnic minority peoples, this tour gives you a glimpse of a truly exotic world. It even includes a special rafting adventure. First-time visitors and experienced "China hands" alike will be enchanted by this visit to a land seldom seen by western tourists.


Day 1 Arrive at Guilin from somewhere by train or flight. Spend rest of the day for sightseeing around. More about Guilin

Day 2-4 Explore Yangshuo and Return to Guilin
Take a regular bus(Y13-15) or hire a taxi(Y200) from Guilin to Yangshuo. Make the Bamboo raft in Li River from Yangshuo to Xingping. Bicycle trip to Moon Hill Village for lunch at a local family's home...return to Guilin by bus in the evening for getting transferred in next day.

Day 5 Ziyuan
Travel by early morning bus from Guilin to Ziyuan County(Y20-25, 2.5hrs); begin the rafting tripon the Zijiang River and spend the night at a riverside village, enjoying a bonfire party with local people.

Ziyuan County - situated in northeastern Guangxi, 107km from Guilin, where you can find ranges of mountains and peaks, crisscross of creeks and valleys,thick forests...In addition to the Han people,12 ethnic groups including Miao,Yao and Zhuang live here.

Continue the rafting trip on the Zijiang River and enjoy the gentle but exciting rapids and the magnificent mountain scenery, sightseeing in Bajiaozhai(featuring special Karst terrain) nearby.

Day 6 Ziyuan to Longsheng
Travel by bus from Ziyuan to Longsheng (departing at 8:40 & 12:50, Y16-20, 4hrs); visit the Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces in the afternoon. Lodging at a villager' guesthouse.

Day 7 Trekking and exploring Longsheng 
Trekking around the rice terrace area between the 3 View Points. Exploring the rural minority Yao and Zhuang villages. For refreshment, try local specialties such as the Yao people's Pearl Oil Tea and Zhuang people's Dragon's Backbone Wine.

Day 8 Longsheng to Sanjiang
Travel by bus from Longsheng to Sanjiang, visit Chengyang Shelter Bridge and Dong villages around. Lodging at Chengyang.

Day 9-10 Sanjing
Take a bus from Chengyang to Dudong. Trekking to the Dong minority villages around to discover their colorful costumes, unusual traditions and unique architectures dominated by Drum Towers and Shelter bridges. Lodging in one of the villages.

Get transferred to Mapang if you still have time. More about  Sanjiang 

Day 11 Sanjiang to Guilin(or Congjiang in Guangxi)
Either return to Guilin by  bus and exit, or continue your trip by heading for Congjiang in Guizhou Province.

The trip is not physically difficult, travelers should be prepared for primitive conditions and rough roads. Those in good health, reasonable physical condition and with a curious, adventurous spirit will find much to reward them. 

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