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Located in the southeastern of Guizhou, Rongjiang is 172km from Kaili with a total population of 260,000. This county is home to mainly Dong people, who continously attracts swarms of travelers every year.

Rongjiang Dong Village
Rongjiang Dong People's Life,Guizhou
Rongjiang Dong Village,Guizhou
Rongjiang Dong Women Weaving

Dong Villages

How Long?-- half day

Rongjiang is a critical traffic hub connecting Congjiang and Liping with Kaili.

The long-distance bus station in the west of Chejiang Bridge, dispatches buses to Kaili (Y30 /6.5 hours), Liping (Y15/3.5 hours), Congjiang and Sandu every day.

In addition, some other buses also stop here. It is also possible to go to Sandu or Congjiang by boat.


  • Qingfeng Guest House - located at the west of Chejiang Bridge, a few minutes' walk from the bus station. Y60 for an air-conditioned std. room, Y50 for a room w/o air-condition.
  • County Guest House -  Y60 for a triple room. The restaurant here is pretty good. 
  • Chejiang Dong Villages - located to the east of Rongjiang city, consisting of 3 villages, among which Zhanglu village is the most well-known, for it is the cradle of standard Dong dialect.

    Getting there - take a pleasant walk cross Chejiang Bridge and through the countryside  along the river
  • Zaidang Dong Village - 30km from Rongjiang, famous for the grand Dong chorus.The Dong chorus group is traditionally composed of soprano, mezzo, alto and even coloratura. This is an amazing sound, produced by people, not professionally trained but who inherit or are taught their talents by their families.

    Getting there - take a Rongjiang to Liping bus and get off at Jialixiang, then take a taxi or minibus to the village. 

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