Graveyard of Tibetan Kings

Graveyard of Tibetan Kings Travel Guide, Tibet


The Graveyard of Tibetan Kings /藏王墓

Located on the southeast of Mt. Muri in Qungjie County, opposite to the Yarlung River, about 38km away from Tsedang. Here buried the kings, ministers and some royal concubines from the 29th generation to the last (40th) of "Tupo" Dynasty. Of all the tombs, the most remarkable one is King Songtsan Gampo's.

The tombs group erect on the plateau, with west wind blowing and sunset shining, the Yarlung River flowing silently to the east, which form a unique sight.

It’s of great significance to research the rises and falls of the Tobu Kingdom.

Getting there & away

Take a bus / minibus / tractor from Tsedang  at Y5, or hire a car at Y150~200 for a round trip.

Admission fee: Y30
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