Siguniang Shan to Bipenggou

Siguniang Shan Trekking Guide, Sichuan



The route covers both the gorgeous Siguniang Shan(Four Maidens Mountain) and the spectacular Bipenggou, which offers the best view of alpine landscapes and autumn charm. For more about the 2 sites, pls click Siguniang Shan ,Siguniang Shan Map &  Miyaluo

Best Season: Middle Oct. to early Nov. 

Access: Rilong Town(from Chengdu) 

Starting: Changping Gully;
Ending:303 Forestry Center in Miyaluo 

Duration: 5-6 days

Changpinggou  -> Lama Temple -> Lianghekou-> Muluozi-> Chazigou )-> Yakou-> Dapingtai-> Bipenggou-> 303 Forestry Center


D1:Chengdu to Rilong

Starting from Chengdu, it takes 6 hours by bus to reach Rilong , a small town 270km west, a springboard of Sigunian Shan tour. Not a long journey but it let you nap easily. When the bus crosses Balang Shan, weather permitted, you will see the grand and beautiful snow-capped mountain, blue sky and "Clouds Sea".

It's easy to find lodging at Rilong. If it's still early when you arrive, you may go to Maobiliang(Bridge of a Cat's nose), a perfect place for taking photos and enjoying the mountain scenery, to shoot the sunset on FOUR MAIDS MOUNTAIN. You need about 2 hours to cover the 7.5km from Rilong. 

D2: Rilong -> Changpinggou Entrance -> Lama Temple -> Lianghekou-> Muluozi/木螺子-> Chazigou Entrance

Lying at the foot of FOUR MAIDS MOUNTAIN, with streams flowing through, CHANGPINGGOU is less than 3600m above sea level, with a full length of 36km, which takes approximately 11-12 hours.

From Rilong, the canyon is even and long, FOUR MAIDS MOUNTAIN is on the 16km in the canyon. Crossing the cypress way, the road is bumpy. Old cypress pass, LAMA temple, Ganhaizi and the stretches of ancient roads are in the attractions on route. A 5km bumpy trail leads you from Changpinggou to LAMA Temple, 3400m above sea level on a plat bank. Erdaoping is a good place to have a panorama of FOUR MAIDS MOUNTAIN. After that, the road is uphill to Haizigou, there is a small grocery where you can take a rest and regain food and necessary stuff.

Lianghekou is located in the depth of Changpinggou. Far in the west, a strange-shaped snow-capped mountain of which the slope is between 70-80 degrees is standing there. Local residents call it THE PEAK OF GOD MOUNTAINS. After Lianghekou, you are approaching Muluozi/木骡子(3000m), the road gradually narrows down to a planked footway. Walking through swamps and woods, you will reach to Chazigou (3800m) the end of Changpinggou. Camping in Chazigou.   

D3: Chazigoukou(3800m)-> Yakou/垭口(4644m)-> Dapingtai(Big Platform, 4200m)-> Bipenggou Back Entrance

Setting off early along a small path of almost 70 degrees near a waterfall in CHAZIKOU, with no more than 300m of plumb ascending, walking  through Firry Woodland, you reach to a Yakou (narrow mountain pass), 4644m above sea level,straddling the borderline of Xiaojin and Lixian (two counties in Ganze of Sichuan).

Crossing over Yakou is difficult and dangerous. For the deep snow accumulating on the way, being accompanied by an experienced guide is a must. The way down the mountain is even harsher. Pls do not take vertical descending in case you get into a snowdrift. (If encounter bad weather while you are crossing over Yakou, you may camp on a huge plat rock somewhere on the mountain.) On the downhill, at about 4200m, there is a sidestep-like area and an even terrace 10m lower. Right there the snow slope becomes sharply into 70 degrees, from where you can see Bipenggou clearly. Walking downhill along a zigzag line,the lower the altitude, the moister the snow is. Each step accompanies with snow up to knees.

Rounding over a bluff, down a descent, you will get to the end of Bipenggou Resort. It takes around 7~8 hours due to the harsh road. Bipenggou is a U-shaped gully with high abrupt and cragged cliffs on its two sides. Camping for the night. 

D4-6: Bipenggou -> 303 Forestry Center(303林场) 
Bipenggou Resort covers an area of 180sqkm, with virgin forests, springs, streams, waterfalls and snowy peaks. In short distance, the colorful trees is a natural pallette indeed; afar, the solidly concretionary glaciers are shiny. It takes 2~3 days to traverse the valley, camping for overnight.

Trekking on the plat bottom of the valley, besides the colours, you also see the glistering waterfalls, translucent lakes by the road. Cross the forests and pass the broken bridge, down Zagunao River and pass through Miyaluo to 303 Forestry Center, where long-distance trucks carrying timber are available for hitchhiking to the town of Zagunao in Lixian.

From Lixian, you can drop by the Taoping Qiang village on the way back to Chengdu.


  • A group of around 5 trekkers is recommended, with an experienced team lead at least, a local guide is optional if you are very confident on the team.
  • Walking stick, sunglasses and mountaineering rope are necessary.
  • Horse rent available at Rilong town for Y180~200/day, peak season may rise to Y300~400/day.
  • The trek can also be started in a reverse direction from Bipenggou at Miyaluo.
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