Guilin-Xing'an Tour

Guilin to Xing'an Route Guide


Location: Guangxi

Attraction Type: Karst scenery, Chinese folk cultures in small villages


Day 1 Arrive in Guilin
Transfer via flight from Somewhere. Get transferred to the hotel and walk around at leisure for the rest of the day.

Day 2 Guilin / Xing'an
Transfer by train, one hour to Xing'an, Y12-20. But if you charter a car, you can make a few stops on the ancient Southern Silk Road by visiting Daxu Town, hiking through Mt. Changgang, visiting Changgang Village before heading to Xing'an County.

- Sanyueling Pavilion on Mt. Changgang- Daxu Town: A town 20km south of Guilin city, whose history can be traced back to 200 B. C. It is the ending point of Southern Silk Road.
- Mt. Changgang: The 9km-long mountain is the most steep part of the Southern Silk Road. On both sides of the earth and gravel path stand more than 500 100-year-old pine trees which overshadowed tired merchants in scorching summer in the Qing dynasty.
- Changgang Village: The village lies at the northern foot of the Mt. Changgang and was once reputed as the “Small Nanjing City” for its booming business and richness.

Day 3 Xing'an / Yueling Village
Adventure the karst cave in Baishi Village. Cross over the Mt. Pangu to visit Mochuan Village. Drive to Yueling Village.

- karst cave in Baishi Village: The spacious cave goes through two hills lying south of Baishi Village. It is a typical karst cave but rarely visited by outsiders.
- Mochuan Village: In the village stands a camphor tree whose trunk is not able to be circled unless ten people open their arms and a mausoleum of an officer in the Qing dynasty whose stone animal and human statues were carved exquisitely, vividly and are still kept so well until now.

Day 4 Yueling Village / Xing'an
Visit Yueling Village and Stone Forest in Wenshi Town return to Xing'an County.

- Yueling Village: From 700 years ago when the village came into being, the 28 generations remain the only one surname of Tang.
- Stone Forest in Wenshi Town: The over 5sqkm stone forest shows a typical karst landscape with rows upon rows of gladiate steep limestone hills.

Day 5 Xing'an / Guilin : Exit
Visit Ling Dyke and travel back to Guilin to catch late afternoon or evening flight to your next destination.

- Ling Dyke: The dyke, as old as the Terra-cotta Warriors, was built by Emperor Qin in 214 B.C. to connect Xiang River with Li River, making the north-south water transportation smooth. 

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