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An Overlook of Huangyao

Huangyao Photo

Huangyao Old Town, Hezhou,Guangxi

Huangyao Photo

Huangyao old town, built in 927BC, is situated in the northest of zhaoping County,Guangxi, by the lower reaches of LiRiver and 200km from Guilin. It has long been known as a mini-Guilin for its typical development of karst topography,covering an area of 3.6sqkm, the town is skirted on all sides by spectacular hills,crystal clear waters,caves and towering old trees.

All paved by flag-stones,the town streets are steady and even after hundreds of years'serving.M arvelously according with traditional chinese diviation, the layout of the town's architectures are of southland style displaying the primitive simplicity with blue bricks and black tiles. 

More than 30 temples,ancestral halls and pavillions are well preserved,as well as numerous exquisite cultral relics including the calligraphy of Hanyu,the great scholar and calligraphy of Song Dynasty,He xiangning and Gao shuqi's residential houses and many other inscribed boards,couplets and steles,that enrich the history of the town.

Every corner of the town presents a typically Chinese scene and presents a marvelous photo opportunity. Huangyao is where the American movie <The Painted Veil> was shot in year 2005. A few Chinese teleplays were also shot here a few years ago. 

Best times to go -- Sept to Nov.

Getting there & away

There is no direct bus to Huangyao, Hezhou(also called "Babu" by locals) is the transit center. Visitors need take a bus from Guilin(8:00-17:30, frequent at every 30 minutes, 4hrs journey) / Guangzhou(5 buses per day, Y80, 6hrs) / Nanning / Zhuhai... to Hezhou first.

There are 2 buses from Shenzhen Futian Bus Station to Hezhou everyday, 8:45am(sleeper) & 8:10pm(delux seat), same price of Y120, 10hrs ride.

Huangyao-bound buses depart Hezhou at 6:30, 10:30 and 14:30 every day(Y9.-, 3hrs), but not on schedule at all, sometimes even just cancelled. The alternative is to take a bus from Hezhou to Zhongshan(40km, 50minutes, Y5), then catch a Zhongshan to Gongqiao bus(50km, 2.5hrs, Y8) and get off at Huangyao crossroad, which is 6km ahead of Gongqiao. Chartering  a taxi from Hezhou to Huangyao costs around Y120.

For leaving, one can take a bus from Huangyao to Zhongshan(8:30/11:30/15:00) and transfer to Yangshuo, or return in the same way as you come in.

Admission Fee: Y30


  • Jinlanju Guesthouse - the highest and best hostel in town, good location, Y20~30/bed
  • Shichang Lvshe(Market Hotel)/市场旅社- the condition is just average of Y10-15/bed. But from the 6th floor of the hotel, one can have a nice panorama of the town, it's also the ideal location for welcoming sunrise.
  • Tianranting Lvshe/天然亭旅社 - Y10/bed, more comfortable than Shichang Lvshe. But both are located outside the old town on the 2 sides of the market, very noizy.

A newly opened Creation Base(Chuangzuojidi/创作基地) inside the old town offers better lodging. Dining in the old town can be a little expensive but it presents special experience.

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