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Congjiang is an ordinary small town halfway between Biasha(Basha) & Gaozeng/Xiaohuang, the 3 ethnic Miao minority villages in the vicinity. 

The town has no attractions but is a must stopover on route to those ethnic minority villages.

Highlights - Minority cultures, local houses and drum-towers

Getting there and away

Kaili has 4 direct buses to Congjiang daily [Y56.00 / 9 hrs], Buses from Rongjiang to Congjiang is Y15.00 / 2.5hrs, along a nice riverside road.

Buses leaving Congjiang for different destinations are available at Congjiang Bus Station with reasonable frequency, but the departure time is not disciplined sometimes.


  • Yinhe Hotel (0855-6417758) near Congjiang bus station.Y40.00 for dbl-beded room with hot shower
  • Tenglongge Hotel, 5 minutes walk towards north of the bus station

Some small restaurants along the street opposite the bus station serve delicious food but having no menu, all raw vegetables/meat are in vessels open for choice. Usually, the price for each dish is Y6-8. "Cheng Lao Nai" (Grandma Chen)'s is the most favorite one by locals and travelers. Y15/meal for 2 persons.

Congjiang spiced pig is made from a kind of pig which never grows big and mainly eats the weeds in the mountain. Its flesh is naturally savory. It is said that this kind of pig is raised only in Congjiang. Don't miss out!


  • Biasha (Basha) Miao Village– 7km from Congjiang town. As one of the Miao sub-tribes, Biasha differentiates itself from the other Miaos by their unique tradition since Qing Dynasty about 2200 years ago. The Biasha performance is extraordinary  amazing , but  it's  only  available when there is a big tourists group. More about >> Biasha Miao Village

  • Gaozeng / Xiaohuang - 2 remote villages on another direction. Gaozeng is reputed to its drum-towers, while Xiaohuang is famous for its traditional folk songs.

    How to get there - charter a mini van  from Congjiang town to cover Biasha, Gaozeng & Xiaohuang, Y150/day/van(not per person)


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