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Encircled by numerous villages, home to minority groups and some pretty countryside, Kaili is a real "festival land" with over 130 festivals taking place throughout the year. Minority people count for 71% of the total population of Kaili (of the 71%, the Miao makes up 61%).

Although Kaili itself is pretty drab, it is a great place to base your travels around Guizhou. The climate is mild, the scenery impressive, ranging from waterfalls to rolling hills, and transportation to the countless Miao villages is convenient, most are only about 10 km away, including Langde and Xiangzhigou.

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Highlights -- Ethnic Minority Villages

How Long?--2 days

Getting there & away

By train
Kaili is easily accessible by train. The best way to get there is to take train No.248 from Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou at 7:50am. The journey takes 3 hrs. Kiali Train Station is located at north of the city by Qingshui River. Take bus No.1 from the station (Y0.7) getting to downtown or Kaili Bus Station.

By bus
Kaili Bus Station is on Wenhua Bei Lu in the northeastern part of the city, has long-distance buses to Guiyang, Zhengyuan, Rongjiang and Congjiang from 8am to 5:30pm every day.

Getting Around

The easiest way to visit the outskirt towns is to take a minibus. Buses going to Xianglu Mountain, Yudong Cave and Longchang can be found along Beijing Xi Lu while for southern destinations such as Leishan and Xijiang, you should pick up a bus on Shaoshan Nan Lu or head straight to the bus station.

Taxi is another feasible option with most villages only about 10 km away.


  • Zhenhua Hotel-Located at the junction of Beijing Dong Lu and Wenhua Nan Lu. Y60.std. rm
  • Wenhua Hostel- located on Wenhua Nan Lu, Y10-30/bed.
  • Lianyou Hostel -located on Beijing Xi Lu. Y20~80 for dorm. to std. room
  • Wuye Hotel- Located at 79 Shaoshan Nan Lu.Std. room ranges from Y45~Y120.


Local flavors are spicy and sour. Fish Hotpot with sour soup is one of the most famous dishes in Kaili, which is made by putting a fresh carp in boiled water and then adding the special sour seasonings.

Beef tendon is another popular dish that is pretty spicy...and tough.

  • Danxi Lusheng Hall - built in the Ming Dynasty to commemorate the hardships the Miao people suffered in settling here. This is where the annual Lusheng Festival is held. During the festival, hundreds of Miao girls dance to the music played on the Lusheng, a traditional Miao pipe instrument. The silver jewelry they wear clinks in accompaniment while they dance.

    Get in - take a minibus (Y3) at Beijing Xi Lu, 1.5hrs to arrive
  • The Ge Residence - the Ge people are a rarely known group with a population of 10K. What makes them so special are the unique costumes, the Ge girls wear, similar in style and design to the clothes that ancient Chinese generals once wore. The wax-dyed kerchief looks like a general's helmet; their outer coat looks like armor; the silverware on their body takes the form of a sword, knife and hammer.

    Get in-take a minibus (Y3) from Beijing Xi Lu towards Yudong or Longchang and get off at Matang, then walk 15 minutes to get to the village.
  • Xianglu Mountain- Standing northwest of Kaili, this is where the "Slope-Climbing Festival" takes place every June.

    How to Get there - Minibuses from Kaili go direct to the mountain at Y5.
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