Langde Miao Village Travel Guide, Guizhou

Langde Costume
Langde Dance
Langde Block-Way Wine Welcome Ceremony
Langde People

Situated on the Danjiang riverside at the foot of Leigong Mountain, 32km southeast of Kaili. Consisting of Upper Langde and Lower Langde, the one known to visitors is upper Langde.

Langde Miao Village is classfied as "Long skirt Miao" owing to their special ethnic costumes.

How long
? -- Half day

Getting there and away

Take the Kaili-Leishan bus and get off at Langde crossing [Y8 / 40minutes], walk for about 15minutes or take a motorcycle at Y2 to the upper Langde Village.

Usually no need, but if you like to stay, villagers home are ready for you. Y5~Y10/bed, Y10/meal


  • Rurality featuring wooden shelter bridges, stone mills, waterwheels, cobble roads and traditional Miao houses.
  • The welcome ceremony
Visitors to Langde Village are welcomed by the 12 courses of "block-way" rice wine ended up with sonorous firecrackers and sweet Miao folk songs.

Though drinking is claimed as a "must" to get the entrance permit, you don't have to if you dislike it. For those who are good at drinking, make sure you are clear-headed enough to find your way back. Or else, a male tourist may find himself become one of the villager' son-in-law when he wakes up in the next morning. Congratulations if that's what you want.

This is a traditional Miao welcome ceremony to their honored guests, not unique in Langde, you may witness it in some other Miao villages.
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