The Clay Forest of Zhada



The Clay Forest of Zhada / 札达土林

Located in Zhada and Pulan counties of Ngari, with Guge Ruins inside.

Clay Forest of Zhada,TibetThe clay forest was formed by the influence of Mountain Creating Movement. At the foot of the high and flat fridge of mountains, the clay forest stands, some of which resemble the castles. Under the reflection of the sunglow and sunset, the clay forest is yellow with brightness. The "trees" stands in thousands of postures.

In Zhada, the clay forest stands on both sides of Xianquan River winding over more than 5 kilometers. The shapes of some clay are like warriors defending at the mountaintop, some are like thousands of horses galloping, and some are like devout followers of a religion
cultivating themselves. From various standpoints, you can get different wonderful scenery.

Driving a car in these clay forests as if driving around foots of the titans.


It takes 12 hours from Shiquenhe to the clay forests in Zhada County by taking a ride straight toward south along the Rutog-Ngari highway G219.

If you come from the Sacred Mountain toward north or leave Zhada toward south, you can get off atNaburu, about 136km away from Shiquenhe.

As there are not many buses for hitchhiking, you may need to lodge there. The so-called hotels are several clay houses built on the wild sands by a group of Tibetan.

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