Li River

Li River Travel Guide, Guangxi

Li River Sunrise
Li River in fog, Guangxi
Li River
Li River Sunset / 漓江日落
The picturesque Li River plays a significant role in Guangxi's tourism. Originated in Mountain Mao'er/猫儿山 at Xin'an county northeast of Guilin, Li River winds its way southeast for about 437km, passing through Guilin, Yangshuo, Pingle, Zhaoping and finally meets Xi River in Wulin. It boasts the largest and most beautiful Karst scenic area in China and attracts millions of visitors.

The Li River is famous for its beauty of four unique parts - verdant Karst peaks, graceful waters, mysterious grottoes and exquisite rocks. Along the river, there are deep pools, dangerous shoals, murmuring springs, and roaring waterfalls.

The 83-km-long waterway from Guilin to Yangshuo is the masterpiece of Li River, decorated with rolling hills, steep cliffs, fantastic caves, leisurely boats and lined bamboos.

The cruise along Li River is devided into 3 sections.

The first section: Guilin to Ox Gorge-the forest of grotesque peaks, towns, scattering cottages and fields compose the beginning chapter of the beauty. Major attractions along this section include Elephant Hill, Rooster fighting Hill, Clear-Vase Hill, Forest of odd peaks, Father and Son Cave, Longmen Village, Dayan Town and Millstone Hill etc.

The second section: Ox Gorge to Water-Dropping Village-Major attractions include Wang Fu Rock, Caoping Village, Crown Cave, One-side Ferry, Carp Cliff, A Boy Worships Buddha, Wave-Stone Scenery, Eight Fairies Crossing the River, Mural Hill, Reflection of Yellow Cloth and Xingping village etc. Among these scenic spots, Crown Cave, Painted Cliff and scenic wonders in Xingping are the most spectacular, excited and intoxicated.

The third section: Water-Dropping Village to Yangshuo. Along the river bank, green bamboos, bending willows, crop fields, cottages and fishing villages can be seen everywhere,which adds an exceptional charm of pastoral culture.

Tourists can enjoy various beauties of Li River at different seasons and weathers. In fine days, reflections of the hills in clear and greenish water are special pleasing to the eyes, but it is more enchanting in rainy and misty weather. The hazy view of the drizzling rain and lingering clouds give birth to a wonderful fairyland for tourists.
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