Xijiang Miao Village Travel Guide, Guizhou



An ethnic minority Miao village in the cradle of Leigong Hill, well-known for the large scale and the integrality of  its building   groups, embroidery and silver ornaments featured with ethnic minority's handcrafts.

Xijiang Center Square
Xijiang Miao Villages
Xijiang Kids
Xijiang Miao Character

Traditional Miao buildings / delightful rurality / Hospitable Miao people

How long? -- 2 days

Getting there and away

Buses from Kaili [9:00am & 1:00pm / Y15.00 / 2.5hrs] or Leishan [frequent / Y9.00 / 1.5hrs], arriving at the central of the Xijiang villages. Getting around on foot.

Buses leaving for Leishan / Kaili available from 6:20am~2:30pm


  • Miaozhairenjia [0855-896 0398] - the best Miao hostel in the village, located in an opposite slope to the main village, where you can have a panorama of the spectacular village and rurality. New building, clean rooms. Fresh & flavored food, hospitable and considerate owners…[Y20/bed w/bathroom or 15 w/o bathroom upstairs].
  • Plenty of choices in the central villages. Though local-planted vegetables, rice and meats are available,food in most of the restaurants is awful and it takes long time to wait. Breakfast is not so bad.

Things to do

  • Get up early to greet the sunrise from the back of the slope, climb up to the hillcrest before 7:00am to capture the dewy village decorated with smoke from kitchen chimneys
  • Have pleasant walk in the villages and terrace scattered from the valley to the slopes
  • Wander around the central basketball field to explore how local people start a day
  • Enjoy the peaceful moment of sunset in Xijiang
  • Watch the Miao dance and listen to the music at night if you come in the right time with Miao festivals on.

Comment - A perfect place to relax and enjoy rural tranquility.

Route: Kaili to YangshuoXijiang Miao Village, Guizhou,China

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